The feeling of isolation is one that many of us have experienced lately due to recent events.  Communication between family and friends became extremely vital, especially for those with hearing devices.  Living with diminished hearing is an isolating experience in and of itself, but with the aid of hearing devices it can be less lonely.  That is why it is more important than ever to ensure your hearing devices are being taken care of!

So what should you be doing to take care of your hearing aids?  First, make sure you have plenty of supplies on hand.  This includes batteries, wax guards, and domes.  Second, make sure you know how to replace these pieces on your hearing aids!  While your audiologist will happily do that for you, they will just as happily teach you how to do it yourself.  Having this knowledge is useful when you are sick and do not want to leave your home.

Your hearing health is essential.  If your aids are not working correctly, please call your audiologist for an appointment!  It has been proven many times over that hearing loss and tinnitus can increase the risk of developing depression, schizophrenia, dementia, and anxiety.  Taking care of your hearing health means you are decreasing the risk of these severe side effects.

Compromised hearing is an invisible disability; therefore it is ignored and neglected.  But with everything going on in the world today, we cannot afford to ignore it, especially if it is a sudden decrease in hearing.  Ignoring a sudden drop in hearing can result in permanent damage, but if you see a specialist early enough they may be able to restore some hearing with steroids or other treatments.  It can also be a symptom of several other conditions, such as brain or neck tumors, autoimmune diseases, or inner ear disorders like Meniere’s disease.

Be mindful of your hearing health, especially now when we are socially isolated from one another.  Make sure you have been educated on how to clean your aids and change out the pieces when necessary.  If you have not been educated, call your audiologist for an appointment.  There are some audiologists who are even offering curbside services!  And if you do notice a sudden drop in hearing, don’t wait!  It is considered an urgent medical situation and you should contact an audiologist immediately for an appointment.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay well prepared!