Hearing aids allow you to connect to other people and devices, receive emergency alert notifications and activate your brain. Because of this, audiologists and experts agree hearing aid users should wear their devices every day, whether they are out and about or stuck at home.

Hearing Aid ConnectivityMan putting a hearing aid into his ear

In addition to helping you connect with loves ones, Bluetooth enabled hearing aids are able to connect with any number of devices, including your smartphone, television, tablet and computer.

The sound from these devices is broadcast directly through your hearing aid, eliminating distracting background noise. And while you may not be face-to-face with family and friends, there are plenty of digital platforms that allow you to video chat with the voices seamlessly streaming through your hearing aids.

Emergency Alert Notifications

Your home is full of devices designed to keep you safe, from your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to push notifications on your smartphone. If you are not wearing your hearing aids and are home alone, there is a good chance you could miss out on these important alerts, putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

Hearing Aids & Your Brain

Keeping your brain happy and healthy is important for your long-term health. A study conducted at John Hopkins followed adults over a 12-year period. They found that those with mild hearing loss saw their risk of developing dementia double. Those with moderate hearing loss tripled their risk and those with severe hearing loss were five times more likely to develop a loss of memory. This increase in dementia was seen in those who left their hearing loss untreated.

Wearing your hearing aids at home provides you with access to incidental sounds, even when direct communication is not an option. Incidental sounds provide your brain with information to continue processing sounds, keeping it activated. While important to maintaining a healthy brain, incidental sounds are crucial to early childhood development. Because of this, many experts recommend turning the noise management features on your child’s hearing devices off to provide them with access to as many sounds as possible.

Wearing your hearing aids during all waking hours is important, even if you are not using them to help you directly communicate with others in person. To learn more about hearing aids or to schedule an appointment, contact the experts at Bountiful Hearing Center today.