There is a long list of symptoms associated with tinnitus. While most occur after the ringing in the ear starts, anticipatory anxiety can occur before. Preventative coping is a simple and effective way to increase your quality of life with tinnitus.

Patterns of Vulnerability

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Coping mechanisms such as sound masking devices and breathing exercises are put in place to help you find relief after the tinnitus has occurred. Turns out, there may be a better way.

By determining patterns of vulnerability, you are preemptively identifying what can cause your issues. Common examples of these vulnerable moments include:

  • Transition periods between leaving a loud environment and arriving at one with less stimulation
  • Stressful situations
  • Spending time with difficult people

After identifying your personal patterns, you can then work to create a coping routine. This routine will include tools and techniques you have learned for dealing with your tinnitus. Instead of using them reactively after an event, you will begin to use them ahead of time.

Understanding Anticipatory Anxiety

Once you identify your patterns of vulnerability, you may end up developing anticipatory anxiety.

If you notice that your tinnitus becomes bothersome when you first get home from work, you may start worrying about this while on your drive home. The more you stress on your way home, the worse your tinnitus symptoms will be. And thus, your anticipatory anxiety becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Implementing preventative coping mechanism can help disrupt this cycle.

Preventative Coping Routine

Determining the best coping techniques for your tinnitus requires some trial and error. For the most part, the tools you use to combat your tinnitus will also work as a preventative measure. But keep in mind that some patterns will require a different combination of tools.

Common tools include:

  • Background noise/sound masking
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Massage
  • Muscle relation
  • Exercise

Once you have identified the tools that help you, it is time to try them out before you experience a pattern of vulnerability.

Keeping the same example used earlier, if your tinnitus is bothersome when you get home from work, try listening to a relaxing podcast or music on your drive. Before you get home, try adding in a stop at the gym. Changing into workout clothes while at the office can help ensure you keep to your plan.

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