Wear Your Aids, Even When You’re Alone!

Did you know that October is Protect Your Hearing Month?  October also includes World Mental Health day.  You’re probably wondering what the correlation is.  It has been shown that hearing loss can increase one’s risk of developing mental illnesses!  This includes depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and dementia.  Studies have shown that hearing loss can even trigger
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40th Anniversary Special

Bountiful Hearing Center is celebrating its 40th Anniversary by offering amazing discounts on select hearing aids! Our new office is open and in order to provide safe visits, we are seeing customers by appointment. Call for an appointment today for a free trial of the newest hearing instruments available, supplies are limited, don’t let this
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October is Audiology Awareness Month

Woman and girl sitting in a recliner playing with a tablet
Hearing loss can be a confusing experience that easily leaves one feeling discouraged, frustrated and isolated. October is Audiology Awareness Month, which means now is a great time to meet your local audiologist to learn about life-changing options that can help make for a better tomorrow. Audiologists, including the experts at Bountiful Hearing Center, can
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How Hearing Loss Affects School Performance

Books, blocks and an apple on a school desk
Untreated hearing loss can have far reaching consequences on your child’s school performance, as delays in speech and language development often lead to learning problems. Understanding that hearing loss may be misdiagnosed as a learning disability can help motivate you to seek treatment quickly. How Many Children Have Hearing Loss? The Center for Disease Control
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Don’t Forget About Your Hearing Health!

How often do you see a dentist?  How about your eye doctor?  And of course, we all know we should get a physical once a year.  These appointments are very standard in our day-to-day lives and even if we don’t actually go as often as we should, I would be willing to bet that you’ve
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Hearing Evaluations – From Infancy to Adulthood

Everyone knows that once you get older your hearing begins to noticeably diminish.  Unfortunately, that means that hearing loss has been associated with old age despite the fact that it can begin earlier, even as early as infancy! When we are born, we are actually given a newborn screening test before leaving the hospital, but
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Hearing Loss and Vision Loss – More Damaging Together

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You may be aware that untreated hearing loss has been linked through multiple studies to an increased risk of cognitive decline. But new research out of the University of Washington determined that when combined with visual impairment, the risk of developing dementia increases by 86 percent for those with hearing loss. What Is Dual Sensory
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Prioritize Your Hearing

Summer is finally in full swing! A typical July brings us firework shows, outdoor concerts, and great weather for camping or swimming. But with the pandemic forcing us to limit our activities, many of us will not experience a typical summer and instead will choose to continue social distancing ourselves as much as possible. However,
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Taking Care of Hearing Aids

The feeling of isolation is one that many of us have experienced lately due to recent events.  Communication between family and friends became extremely vital, especially for those with hearing devices.  Living with diminished hearing is an isolating experience in and of itself, but with the aid of hearing devices it can be less lonely. 
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Hearing Tests for Kids

Hearing Test baby , Cortical auditory evoked potential analyzer. hearing screening
Hearing loss can directly affect your child’s ability to properly develop their speech and language skills. This is why identifying a deficit early and seeking treatment is so important. In order to put together an individualized plan to treat your child’s hearing loss, their audiologist first needs to determine their type and degree of loss.
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