Hearing Better for the Holidays

Close up of Christmas tree with lights.
The holidays are upon us, and for many, that means an increase in social gatherings. Whether it’s family get-togethers or a visit to the Dickens’ Festival, this is the season for spending quality time with those we love.  While these gatherings bring much joy, they can also be stressful. This is especially true if you
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What Does an Audiologist Do?

Audiologists are experts in the auditory system. This means that not only do they diagnose and treat hearing loss, they’re also able to evaluate and manage tinnitus and vestibular (balance) problems. Below we review everything audiologists do, what kind of training they have and how they differ from other hearing professionals. What Audiologists Do Audiologists
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How to Clean Your Hearing Aid Properly

Otoscope and behind the ear hearing aid being displayed on an audiogram
Hearing aids are a significant investment, both financially and in terms of time spent getting them adjusted to meet your exact hearing needs. Because of this, it’s important to take good care of them to ensure they stay in working order. Below we review how to properly clean your hearing aids so they provide years
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When to Have Your Hearing Tested & Why It’s Important

Middle age man at medical examination or checkup in otolaryngologist's office
You already know that hearing loss can impact your ability to communicate with others, but did you know untreated hearing loss is associated with depression, anxiety, injurious falls and cognitive decline? Fortunately, studies show that wearing hearing aids can delay a diagnosis of these conditions. Below we review when you should have your hearing tested
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Hearing Loss & COVID-19

A COVID-19 vaccine vial.
Research on COVID-19 has uncovered a laundry list of long-term conditions the novel coronavirus is associated with, including heart damage, lung damage and neurological problems. Recent research shows that COVID may also be linked to hearing loss. We review these studies below. Hearing Loss as an Initial Symptom of COVID-19 Two reports show that in
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Oticon More: Hearing Smarter & Living Better

In February, Bountiful Hearing Center was excited to announce the Oticon More™, a new hearing aid that helps those who experience hearing loss get the most out of their journey toward living their fullest life. With this new breakthrough in hearing technology, More has helped people: Hear sounds up to 60% clearer than before. Follow conversations
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The Relationship Between Hearing Loss & Dementia

Older couple sit on a bench together.
There’s nothing more important than protecting your precious memories with your loved ones, like family trips to the Natural History Museum of Utah. Unfortunately, for those with hearing loss, there is an increased risk of developing dementia. We explore this link below and discuss how treating your hearing loss has been shown to help prevent
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Understanding Hyperacusis

Man getting an ear exam.
It’s normal to jump or be bothered by a sudden sound like a car door slamming or a dish breaking at Ramblin Roads. However, if sounds like these cause extreme discomfort or pain, you may have a condition known as hyperacusis. Hyperacusis is a condition characterized by abnormal sensitivity to common, everyday sounds. What Are
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COVID-19 Has Been Linked with Hearing Loss and Tinnitus According to New Study

This has been a long, complicated and confusing year. Even though we have learned a lot about this novel virus and the importance of keeping a six-foot distance from others when out at Liberty Park, researchers are just now starting to scratch the surface of the long-term impact COVID-19 will have on patients. A new
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Does Meningitis Lead to Hearing Loss?

Woman covering her face.
There are a number of causes of hearing loss including aging, noise exposure, genetics and ear trauma. One of the lesser discussed conditions that may be responsible for hearing loss is meningitis. What Is Meningitis? Meningitis is a serious condition that occurs when the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord becomes inflamed. This inflammation
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