In February, Bountiful Hearing Center was excited to announce the Oticon More™, a new hearing aid that helps those who experience hearing loss get the most out of their journey toward living their fullest life.

With this new breakthrough in hearing technology, More has helped people:

  • Hear sounds up to 60% clearer than before.
  • Follow conversations with improved speech understanding, even in noisy environments.
  • Reduce listening effort.

What has resulted for More users is a better understanding of speech with less effort over time. That means those who use these devices remember and retain more—even in the noisiest environments.

How the More Works

The Oticon More hearing aid scans and analyzes your environment 500 times per second. It features a Deep Neural Network (DNN), which recognizes and processes sound.

To understand how Oticon More hearing aids work, it’s helpful to know what DNNs are. DNNs are a subset of artificial intelligence (AI). They rapidly analyze large data sets so that they can teach hearing aids and other technological devices how to respond to data like a human would, all while verifying accuracy and making corrections.

DNNs are beneficial in hearing technology because they can help with speech enhancement. DNNs can be applied as “time-frequency masks,” meaning select sounds, like speech, are enhanced while other sounds are reduced. DNNs can also identify and separate multiple voices, selecting a primary voice to emphasize and secondary voices to reduce.

The DNN in an Oticon More hearing aid was trained on more than 12 million, real-life sounds and scenarios. As a result, it has learned how to balance sound in a way that:

  • Allows for access to the full sound scene with clear contrast and balance, so background noise isn’t missing or lost but also isn’t distracting.
  • Provides clearer information to help the brain focus on sounds, which increases speech understanding while reducing your listening effort.
  • Provides more precise and natural representation of all sounds, which makes it easier for patients to enjoy, follow and engage in conversations.

Proven Technology

As you can see, Oticon’s BrainHearing™ technology continues to stand out as it allows users to hear better with less effort. Brain-focused hearing devices preserve natural noise quality and speech recognition, which result in improved user satisfaction.

Want to learn more about how the More can help with your individual type of hearing loss? Call us at Bountiful Hearing Center to set up a risk-free trial today!