In the late 1800’s, when lighting one’s home was not so common as it is today, James E. Talmage shared this experience regarding a lamp that he referred to as “one of his most cherished possessions”.  “A lamp of this kind was among the best in the long-ago.”  He explains that candles and oil lamps were the only common means of domestic illumination.  And so his story goes:

“My lamp was one of the best of its kind. I had bought it with hard-earned savings; it was counted among my most cherished possessions. At the time of my purchase, it was constructed in accordance with the best scientific knowledge of the day.  I took good care of my lamp.

One summer evening I sat outside the door of the room in which I lodged and studied. A stranger approached. I noticed that he carried a satchel.

He said: “You are a student, and doubtless have much work to do of nights. What kind of lamp do you use?” And without waiting for a reply, he continued; “I have a superior kind of lamp I should like to show you, a lamp designed and constructed according to the latest achievements of applied science, far surpassing anything heretofore produced as a means of artificial lighting.”

I replied with confidence: “My friend, I have a lamp, one that has been tested and proved. It has been to me a companion and a friend through many a long night. It is one of the best. I have trimmed and cleaned it today; it is ready for the lighting. Step inside; I will show you my lamp, then you may tell me whether yours can possibly be better.”

My visitor was voluble in his praise. It was the best lamp of its kind he said. He averred that he had never seen a lamp in better trim. He declared that never before had he realized how satisfactory a “student lamp” could be.

“Now,” said he, “with your permission I’ll light my lamp.” He took from his satchel a lamp. Its light made bright the remotest corner of my room. In its brilliant blaze my own little wick burned a weak, pale yellow. Until that moment of convincing demonstration I had never known the dim obscurity in which I had lived and labored, studied and struggled.”

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“Until that moment of convincing demonstration I had never known the dim obscurity in which I had lived and labored, studied and struggled.”

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