Finally, there’s a hearing device that lets you hear the way you should: “all the way around!” Until now, traditional hearing aids haven’t been able to process sound fast enough to help you hear all the way around you. So they would focus just on the speech directly in front of you, and suppress everything else. This would help you hear the person you were looking at, but not much else. It wasn’t perfect. But until now, it’s been the best that hearing aids have been able to do.

No more tunnel hearing That’s all changed with the revolutionary new hearing instrument from one manufacturer. It’s biggest technical breakthrough ever. This processor chip is 50 times faster than anything that has ever built – a quantum leap in speed. That’s fast enough to break out of the tunnel and help you hear in all directions, the way you were born to hear. And that’s a giant leap in hearing device technology.

All around better hearing When this new technology opens up your hearing to a full 360 degrees, a lot of good things happen. It has the ability to adjust and balance all the sounds around you, not just the ones directly in front of you. It will separate speech from noise and lets you focus on what’s important. And because it works in harmony with your brain to process sounds exceptionally fast, you get better speech understand, less listening fatigue, and you’ll remember more of your conversations.

How much better is this new technology? Well, you can enjoy 30% better speech understanding, reduce your listening effort by 20% and remember 20% more of your conversations. When we say that the hearing aid has come full circle, we really mean it.

A recent scientific study showed that people who actively use hearing aids have a lower risk of mental decline as they age because they tend to stay more engaged in an active social life. Staying in the game is the key. Healthy hearing helps.

Connect to the things that matter most On the go, these hearing aids sync seamlessly with your mobile devices, turning your hearing aids into a wireless headset that you can control with their easy-to-use App. The App also has a “locate my hearing aids” feature if they are lost.

At home you can stream sound from your TV and radio directly into your hearing aids.
Use the remote control with complete discretion to regulate volume, change programs or simply turn off your hearing aids.

Imagine that your hearing aids are able to notify you when an e-mail is received, or inform you when someone rings your doorbell. All of this is possible with the newest, groundbreaking technology in hearing aids.

Call a qualified audiologist today to let them know you’d like to try the newest technology in hearing aids at no cost and no obligation.

It’s time to open up a new world of hearing!