If you are a father, or if you have a father with a suspected hearing loss, listen to the following excerpt from someone who understands:

Hollywood actor, John Slattery of the popular TV series Mad Men, opened up about his own father Jack Slattery’s struggle with his hearing loss. The actor told PEOPLE magazine: “He was disconnected from the everyday events in his life and our life.” 

Slattery and his five siblings started noticing something wasn’t right because they would have to explain things to their father a second time. Eventually, he agreed to get his hearing checked and has been wearing a hearing aid for five years.

“It changed his life,” said Slattery, 54. “We get together a lot. We sit at the dinner table. We play cards. Everything is just easier for him.” 

Sound familiar?  Have you ever asked yourself how your hearing loss affects others around you?  This isn’t just about you anymore.  It’s about your friends and family too!

Did you know, according to research from Johns Hopkins University, men are more than 5 times as likely as women to suffer from a hearing loss?  How do you feel about your hearing, or lack of hearing?  What would you change?  Do you have certain areas of concern about your ability to connect with family?  Have you thought about how you could change that?

New groundbreaking technology was recently introduced that is truly revolutionary. With Ultra-Fast and Precise Sound Processing you can listen with less effort and enjoy better speech understanding.  Research shows that working hard to hear tires out the brain.  In the most complex of listening environments these devices are making hearing “easier on the brain”. This happens by providing an unprecedented array of innovative technologies that open a world of sound for people with hearing loss. It is easier for those with hearing loss to communicate and stay socially active, with less listening effort and more ability to remember what is being said. Advanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities take these new hearing devices far beyond just good hearing, they make everything better.”

Fathers deserve to enjoy those choice associations with family and friends.  Act now to end the struggle of understanding important communications around you. If you are a dad, or if you have a dad with possible hearing loss, start now to reconnect to life, and to friends and loved ones!  Do yourself a favor and to those around you!  Schedule a hearing test with a qualified audiologist today!  Let others know you are listening, because what they say matters to you!