Hearing Tests for Kids

Hearing Test baby , Cortical auditory evoked potential analyzer. hearing screening

Hearing loss can directly affect your child’s ability to properly develop their speech and language skills. This is why identifying a deficit early and seeking treatment is so important. In order to put together an individualized plan to treat your child’s hearing loss, their audiologist first needs to determine their type and degree of loss.
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Be Prepared and Take Care of Your Hearing Health Too!

In times like these, communicating with your family and friends is vital to your mental health.  Many of us are cooped up in our homes and no longer able to socialize the way we normally do.  Our churches, restaurants, community centers, and other social scenes are temporarily closed.  Many of us have turned to technology
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Should You Wear Your Hearing Aids at Home?

Man putting a hearing aid into his ear

Hearing aids allow you to connect to other people and devices, receive emergency alert notifications and activate your brain. Because of this, audiologists and experts agree hearing aid users should wear their devices every day, whether they are out and about or stuck at home. Hearing Aid Connectivity In addition to helping you connect with
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Communication Has Never Been More Important

The feeling of isolation is one that many of us have experienced lately due to recent events. You don’t think about how bad your hearing is until someone tries to talk to you through a mask – it’s like someone turned off the closed captioning. Communication between family and friends is extremely vital, especially for
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What Are the Degrees of Hearing Loss?

Man receiving a hearing test through headphones, sitting in a booth, looking at a female audiologist through a window.

While you have heard the terms moderate or severe hearing loss thrown around, you may not understand what they are referring to. Below is a breakdown of how sound is measured and what categories your audiologist will use to classify your specific type and degree of hearing loss. How Is Sound Measured? Sound can be
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Early Signs of Hearing Loss

Middle age hoary senior man wearing glasses over isolated background smiling with hand over ear listening an hearing to rumor or gossip. Deafness concept.

More than 48 million Americans are currently experiencing hearing loss. For many, their hearing loss develops so subtly that they are unaware of the condition for some time. Being able to recognize the early signs of hearing loss can help you seek treatment in a timely manner. Below are the five most common early signs
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