What Are the Degrees of Hearing Loss?

Man receiving a hearing test through headphones, sitting in a booth, looking at a female audiologist through a window.

While you have heard the terms moderate or severe hearing loss thrown around, you may not understand what they are referring to. Below is a breakdown of how sound is measured and what categories your audiologist will use to classify your specific type and degree of hearing loss. How Is Sound Measured? Sound can be
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Early Signs of Hearing Loss

Middle age hoary senior man wearing glasses over isolated background smiling with hand over ear listening an hearing to rumor or gossip. Deafness concept.

More than 48 million Americans are currently experiencing hearing loss. For many, their hearing loss develops so subtly that they are unaware of the condition for some time. Being able to recognize the early signs of hearing loss can help you seek treatment in a timely manner. Below are the five most common early signs
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