Laurie Pergler

Laurie Pergler is enthusiastic and passionate about the work she does here at Bountiful Hearing Center. She loves our patients, and they love her. She is your advocate in this office, as she goes out of her way to help patients avoid the added cost and inconvenience of sending hearing aids out for repair. Laurie's training and knowledge in audiology and speech pathology, combined with her many years of experience, give her the special title of "miracle worker." She has been known to bring many dead hearing devices back to life. Laurie is not only Harold's extra set of hands, but also the love of his life. They are lovingly dedicated to their four children and 16 grandchildren who live all over the world. Laurie enjoys a good detective or mystery novel for relaxation, and she loves to quilt and sew. She has always enjoyed getting to know new people, and she would love to get to know you!