Getting your hearing tested every 1 to 2 years is something every audiologist will strongly encourage. Much like scheduling your annual eye exam or maintaining your six-month dental appointment, it is important that you are tracking or maintaining your hearing loss. It is also suggested that when you do come in for your hearing evaluation, you bring a trusted companion with you. Here are some great reasons to do so:

  • Having someone there who can give the audiologist another perspective on the patient’s hearing loss is a huge benefit. We frequently find that patients who think they only have a small loss are usually the ones who have family and friends who insist the hearing loss is much greater than what the patient realizes. Knowing this information helps your audiologist determine how severe the hearing loss really is and what measures are best for your case.
  • Your appointments will often times be filled with a lot of information, including your hearing history, the results of your hearing test, and the audiologist’s recommendations. Having a companion there to help you remember all of it will be beneficial to you as well as your audiologist as it increases the likelihood of you having all of the information you need.
  • Another perk of a companion is having their reassurance and support. Hearing loss is difficult for everyone involved, and we often find that patients have a hard time accepting they need hearing devices. By having a companion there, you have someone you trust to support you and discuss your options. Also, if it is determined that hearing devices would help you, hearing a familiar voice during the fitting of the devices can help you recognize the benefits of the hearing aids.

While there is a stigma against hearing aids, it is important to remember that your hearing loss is more conspicuous than any hearing device will ever be. Your family and friends are more likely to notice when you don’t respond or consistently have difficulty hearing or understanding them. Situations like this will only cause frustration among everyone involved.

Don’t be afraid to test your hearing. Tracking your hearing loss is extremely important, so at the very least make sure you have established your baseline. Call your audiologist and schedule your hearing evaluation today! You will be amazed at what sounds you have been missing in the world lately.